Developer: Trump Wanted $20 Million For Moscow Deal

Bloomberg reports:

Donald Trump’s dream of putting his name on a tower in Moscow came with a hefty price tag: $20 million. Trump demanded that non-negotiable fee in 2006 from a Ukrainian-Russian named Pavel Fuks, who made his fortune in oil trading, banking and real estate development.

Fuks, who says he’s been barred from entering the U.S. and is embroiled in a dispute over money he spent to attend Trump inaugural events, spoke about the early Moscow negotiations in an interview with Bloomberg News in a Kiev office with a team of armed security guards stationed outside.

By his account, Fuks offered to pay Trump $10 million in installments, but Trump demanded $20 million up front for the right to use the Trump name on a Moscow development. “He said $20 million is nothing,” Fuks recalled. “I said, no, it’s a lot of money. We couldn’t agree.”

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