DC School Won’t Play Sports At School Where Karen Pence Teaches Due To Its Anti-LGBT Student Policies

Newsweek reports:

A school in Washington, D.C., said it would not play any sports at the school where Karen Pence teaches because of its policy against LGBTQ students. The Sheridan School headmaster, Jessica Donovan, wrote in a letter to parents that the school had decided not to play any sports games at the Immanuel Christian School because of its policy of not admitting LGBTQ students.

In the letter reviewed by Newsweek, Donovan wrote that the school had several discussions with school officials, faculty members and students about playing sports games at the schools. Donovan wrote that her school had played the Immanuel Christian School in the past, not knowing about its anti-LGBTQ policies.

She said that the majority of students wanted to play against the school and would wear rainbow-colored socks to support the LGBTQ community, but some students felt unsafe entering the school.