Christian “Prophet” Mark Taylor: God Personally Told Me Another Trump Will Be Elected President [VIDEO]

Kyle Mantyla reports at Right Wing Watch:

So-called “firefighter prophet” Mark Taylor appeared on Greg Hunter’s USAWatchdog program over the weekend, where he declared that God had told him that President Trump is not going to be the only Trump elected to the White House.

“I’ll go ahead and release this on your show,” Taylor said with a grin. “This is not the only Trump that is going to be in the White House. I think there’s another Trump coming.”

When Hunter asked Taylor if this information was something that he had heard directly “from our good Lord,” Taylor responded affirmatively. “Absolutely,” he said. “I keep telling people, it’s not the last Trump folks. He’s not going to be the only Trump in the White House. There is another Trump coming.”

Last year Liberty University released a movie about Taylor titled The Trump Prophecies.

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