Carlson Mocks Cohen: A Broken Man Who Will Be Eating Sloppy Joes Off Metal Trays With Other Creeps [VIDEO]

“By the end, you started feeling kind of bad for Michael Cohen, honestly. He’s not a genius, anyone who knows him will affirm that. He’s in his 50s now and he’s headed to prison. And that’s a long way from where he expected to be. Cohen showed up in Washington two years ago anticipating he’d be the kind of mover and shaker that would welcome any restaurant in town.

“Part the seas for Michael Cohen! Now he’s going to be eating Sloppy Joes off of a metal tray with a thousand other creeps in identical polyester uniforms in the lock up. Take the politics out of it for a minute, if you can. Let’s be honest. This is a sad story. Michael Cohen is a broken and desperate man.

“But nobody cares. Democrats cheered for his conviction on ludicrous, absurd campaign finance charges. As if paying off somebody’s girlfriend is a campaign finance violation. That’s laughable. But they don’t care. Now they’re squeezing whatever use they can out of Michael Cohen as he shuffles off to his cell.” – Tucker Carlson, on last night’s show.