Brazil To US: You Can’t Invade Venezuela From Here

Reuters reports:

Brazil’s vice president, retired general Hamilton Mourão, said on Monday that under no circumstances would his country allow the United States to intervene militarily in Venezuela from Brazilian territory. In an interview with Globo News cable channel, Mourão said Brazil will do all it can to avoid a conflict with neighboring Venezuela. He spoke from Bogotá, where he attended a meeting of the Lima Group, a bloc of nations from Argentina to Canada dedicated to peaceful resolution of the Venezuelan crisis.

The Hill reports:

The Trump administration has been steadily increasing pressure on Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro to step down after officially recognizing National Assembly leader Juan Guaidó as the country’s interim president earlier this year. The Trump administration has not yet offered military aid to Guaidó, but has said that it is still on the table. Tensions on Venezuela’s border with Brazil have risen as Maduro loyalists have blocked foreign aid from coming into the country.