At Least Seven States To Sue Trump Over “Emergency”

CBS News reports:

California Attorney General Xavier Becerra said Sunday that a lawsuit against the Trump administration for the president’s recent national emergency declaration would be coming “imminently”, marking one of the many legal challenges the White House can expect in its efforts to fund the president’s long-promised border wall.

Becerra told ABC’s “This Week with George Stephanoplous” that the state is “ready to go” with legal action and is expecting to be joined by numerous other state partners. According to the attorney general’s office, New Mexico, Oregon, Minnesota, New Jersey, Hawaii and Connecticut are among several states that are joining the lawsuit.

“We’re confident there are at least 8 billion ways that we can prove harm,” he said. “It’s become clear that this is not an emergency, not only because no one believes it is, but because Donald Trump himself has said it’s not.”