Alex Jones Is “Ready For War” After Facebook Purges Another 22 Pages That Were Posting Infowars Content

The Verge reports:

Facebook today removed 22 pages associated with far-right conspiracy theorist Alex Jones, as part of a previously announced update in which the company is tightening rules for administrators whose pages have been previously banned.

The pages, which were among 89 removed by the social network, were created before Jones was banned in August for violations related to hate speech, bullying, and graphic violence.

Previously, Facebook would prevent administrators of banned pages from creating similar pages in the future. But the company found that some administrators have attempted to evade enforcement by repurposing pages that they had created before their bans in an effort to rebuild their online communities.

Right Wing Watch reports:

Among the newly banned pages, Media Matters’ Timothy Johnson pointed out on Twitter, was one called “War Room,” named for host Owen Shroyer’s afternoon program on the network.

War Room was active on Facebook until today, sharing much of the same Infowars content and broadcasts, and violating many of the same community guideline rules for which other Infowars pages had been banned.

On Infowars, Jones and his associates lamented the ban and warned that the social media bans Infowars has faced should be treated as a warning to conservatives and dissidents at-large. “What do we do at this point? Because I’m ready for war,” Jones said on air this afternoon.