WSJ: Trump Threatened To Sue CNBC After Michael Cohen’s Failed Attempt To Rig Their 2014 Online Poll

The Wall Street Journal reports:

Donald Trump and his then-attorney Michael Cohen pressured CNBC in 2014 to place the real-estate tycoon higher in its list of the country’s top business leaders after Mr. Cohen failed to manipulate the rankings in Mr. Trump’s favor, according to people familiar with the matter.

Mr. Cohen called CNBC and threatened that Mr. Trump would sue over his poor standing in the ranking, arguing that the news channel was “ignoring the will of the people,” the people familiar with the matter said. CNBC didn’t respond to the threat, and Mr. Trump didn’t sue. Mr. Trump also called network executives to complain, the people familiar with the matter said, in addition to griping publicly on Twitter about it.

Mr. Trump didn’t crack the top 100 in the CNBC rankings, which were decided by a panel of experts appointed by the business channel to curate the list. As part of the process, CNBC held an online poll meant to guide the expert panel as it pared a list of 200 contenders down to 25.

Last week the WSJ reported that Cohen hired an IT specialist at Liberty University to rig CNBC’s poll as well as a Drudge Report poll on prospective 2016 presidential candidates.

The Liberty University official was reportedly paid one-third of his $50,000 fee in a cash-stuffed Walmart bag. He was stiffed for the balance.