Trump Promises Fox Host He Won’t “Cave” On Wall

See the last tweet below.

The New York Times reports:

President Trump was set to embark Thursday on a trip to McAllen, Texas, that he did not want to take to discuss a crisis on the border that Democrats say does not exist.

Their disagreement has led to a protracted shutdown affecting vast swaths of the federal government that have nothing to do with the construction of a wall between the United States and Mexico.

But as the government shutdown neared the end of its third week, the president was scheduled to board Air Force One with no additional negotiations scheduled with congressional leaders.

ABC News reports:

The White House has struggled to make the case that there is, in fact, a crisis at the border, with the number of illegal apprehensions trending downward over the last two decades. But the administration points to an uptick of illegal border crossing apprehensions in recent months as evidence.

Trump’s visit comes after negotiations between the president and Senate Democrats broke down in a contentious, 14-minute meeting that ended with the president walking out of the room after Speaker Nancy Pelosi said she would not agree to fund the president’s wall if he agreed to reopen the government.