Trump Mulls Review Of FBI Tactics After Stone’s Arrest

The far-right Daily Caller reports:

President Donald Trump is considering asking the FBI to review its policies after the agency’s highly-publicized, militarized raid on the home of longtime Trump associate Roger Stone early Friday morning.

The president told The Daily Caller in an exclusive Oval Office interview Wednesday that he was “speaking for a lot of people that were very disappointed to see that go down that way. To see it happen where it was on camera, on top of it. That was a very, very disappointing scene.” Trump added that he would “think about” asking the FBI to review its use of force.

The president also said that it was “very interesting” to compare the FBI’s investigation of the 2017 Las Vegas shooting to the resources expended on the Mueller investigation into Russian meddling in the 2016 election.

As you can see from the full interview transcript at the link, the Daily Caller essentially goaded Trump into denouncing the “militarization” of Stone’s arrest.