Trump Boasts About Checking Gas Prices From His Motorcade: You Think Hillary Would Have Done That?

The Hill reports:

President Trump on Monday credited his administration’s policies for the price of gas, and swiped at Hillary Clinton over the suggestion that she would not stop to admire low gas prices.

“I’m riding in this incredible car, and I’m driving and I’m looking at gas stations to see how much is the gas,” Trump said. “You think Hillary Clinton would’ve done that? I don’t think so.

“I’m in the Beast,” he continued, referencing the name for the vehicle the president rides in. “The world’s most expensive car. It’s like being in an army tank that goes 50 miles per hour. I’m in the Beast and I’m looking at the gas station. I say, ‘fellas, slow up, I can’t see.’ I say, ‘$1.75!’ That didn’t happen by accident, folks.”