Trump Boasts: I Paid For Over 1000 “Hamberders”

Glorious Leader is even lying about how many hamberders:

The grand total? According to our count, Trump spent about $2,911.44 on feeding the team. A sixth of that is the fries alone, though, so take with a grain of salt. (The fries; also the estimate.) Half of the cost was incurred at McDonald’s alone. This total includes 319 sandwiches, 177 of which were hamburgers.

Was it indeed enough food? We didn’t see photos of the aftermath, so we don’t know exactly what might have been leftover. But we do know that the team alone is made up of 120 players, weighing over 27,500 pounds combined. So, the average Clemson player weighs about 230 pounds.

Hopefully, though, they left some food for their coaches and other attendees. There is one other asterisk worth noting. In other comments, Trump — in true Trump fashion — suddenly more than tripled the hamburger count.