TEXAS: Court Boots Drag Queen Story Hour Lawsuit

Courthouse News reports:

Christian activists who tried to stop Houston libraries from hosting “Drag Queen Storytime” because it allegedly promotes the LGBT community’s “secular humanist” religion lack standing, a federal judge ruled Thursday, dismissing the lawsuit.

Lead plaintiff Tex Christopher [photo above] said in the lawsuit that “‘gay marriage’ is ‘fake marriage’” and that, as a Houston taxpayer and library cardholder, he has standing because the library specially ordered books for the story hours and made flyers for them.

“The plaintiffs believe that LGBTQ ideology is immoral, obscene and subversive to human flourishing and that the LGBTQ ideology is inseparably linked to the religion of Secular Humanism,” the lawsuit states. The plaintiffs said in the complaint that the library was “brainwashing the children of Houston.”

Last year Christopher, who ran for Congress in 2010, led a “March4Trump” event in Houston. Another plaintiff in the now-booted suit is whackjob Chris Sevier, best known here for his multiple failed attempts to stop same-sex marriage by claiming that he has the right to marry his computer. Sevier has a separate pending Drag Queen Story Hour suit against a library in Lafayette, Louisiana.