Televangelist Kenneth Copeland: God Told Me I’ll Live “Till I’m 120 Years Old” So I’ll Be Preaching Until 2056

“I want to tell you something the Lord said to me. I’ve gone into a very — how can I say this part? — more than just a little exercise program. And I’m in very serious training. Praise God. I’m working out hard. And I heard this. He said, ‘Kenneth, I sacrificed my body for yours.’ He said, ‘Now you are sacrificing your body for mine.’ I didn’t want to do that! But then I have a mandate before me. Should the Lord tarry, I will live and preach this gospel till I’m 120 years old. There’s no in-between. And you can’t do that sitting around doing nothing. I’ve tried. That don’t work. Amen.

“I’m gonna be preaching on that day. I am gonna be preaching that day. Amen. And the Lord Jesus will appear and many in the congregation will see. We’re talking about 2056. That’s 38 years from now. There’s a lot of things gonna happen in the spirit over the next 38 years. I’ve got my mind made up! My heart made up! I’m gonna die young! At 120 years old! Hallelujah!” – Televangelist Kenneth Copeland, perhaps best known for scamming a $20 million private jet out of his moronic followers.

RELATED: In December 2015 Copeland revealed that Jesus gave him that private jet so he doesn’t have to interact with the “dope-filled world” and fly around with a bunch of unsaved “demons.” In February 2016 Copeland declared that Ted Cruz had been anointed by God His Damn Self to be president. In August 2017 Copeland declared that American will win the Afghanistan war because God had put Trump in power. In August 2018 Copeland declared that he had faith-healed the rust off his above-cited private jet.