Right Wingers Scream “Boycott” After Gillette Calls Out Sexual Harassment And Bullying In New Ad [VIDEO]

Business Insider reports:

Gillette is calling on men to step it up. A new ad, called “We Believe” and lasting a minute and a half, encourages men to to change their behavior. It directly invokes the #MeToo movement in order to directly confront America’s culture of “toxic masculinity.”

“Gillette believes in the best in men; that by holding each other accountable, eliminating excuses for bad behavior, and supporting a new generation working toward their personal ‘best,’ we can deliver positive change that will matter for years to come,” Gary Coombe, president of Gillette parent Procter & Gamble’s global grooming business, said.

CBS News reports:

The digital ad starts off by reframing Gillette’s iconic slogan to – “Is this the best a man can get? Is it?” That’s followed by clips of bullying, wolf-whistling, a man grabbing a woman’s behind and a male boss being condescending toward a female employee.

Then a chorus of men say “Boys will be boys” while watching two children fight. “But something finally changed,” the narrator says, referencing the Me Too movement’s push against sexual harassment and assault. “And there will be no going back.”

As you’d expect, pro-sexual assault right wingers are screaming “boycott” and pouring into the clip’s comments on YouTube.