One Million Moms: Facebook Has Censored Our Hate

Just in from hate group leader Monica Cole:

Facebook is trying to silence One Million Moms! Social media is a free resource we use to let our voice be heard and share our message, but Facebook is now censoring 1MM and Christian voices. For example, Facebook recently blocked and removed our petition addressing Parents magazine.

Facebook gave us the options to either accept their decision or appeal for a second review, so 1MM appealed Facebook’s decision and requested a second review.  1MM has yet to hear back from Facebook regarding their second review, but we will keep you updated on Facebook’s decision.

1MM can no longer rely on Facebook and other social media outlets to share our warnings and messages with others. 1MM needs your help! 1MM is depending on you to forward this email and petition to your friends and family.

Will you help us reach our goal of 8,000 signatures? We appreciate all who have already signed our current petition, but for those who have not signed, we are running out of time.

See their original rant against Parents Magazine here.