OKLAHOMA: New GOP Gov And Wife Announce Mission To Use Office To “Bring People To Jesus” [VIDEO]

Kyle Mantyla reports at Right Wing Watch:

Newly elected Republican Gov. Kevin Stitt of Oklahoma attended an “Inaugural Prayer Service” today, during which he declared that it is his mission to align the state “with what God is doing in Oklahoma,” while his wife proclaimed that it is their responsibility “to go our into our state and save people and bring people to” Jesus.

“It’s not about me. This is something, I pray and I tell our team when we get together, we have an opportunity to join in with what God is doing in Oklahoma. We’re going to engage the non-profits and the churches to really heal and solve some of these social issues, county by county, that the government can’t do, no law can do, but our Heavenly Father can do.”

First Lady Sarah Stitt then spoke and said that they arranged for this prayer service to take place following the inauguration “because we wanted Oklahoma to see that this was our hearts.” She said, “It is our call to go our into our state and save people and bring people to him and help with all of these issues. Government alone cannot fix this.”