NRA TV On Gillette: Men Were Meant To Be Dangerous

“This is what has spawned this generation of mealy-mouthed young men who — any metric you want to measure, men are getting less masculine today and the crazy thing is the culture says that’s a good thing. Well, it’s not a good thing. Men were made to create, they were made to conquer, and if they don’t have something to conquer, if they’re told by their culture ‘just sit back, just be comfortable, don’t do anything dangerous’ — no, men were meant to be dangerous.

“When it comes to boys, means you’ve got to play to their masculinity. You’ve got to help them understand, this is what men do. Men try harder, men do the dirty work, men get out their and fight, they stay in the fight, they don’t give up. And unfortunately there are far too many people who are doing just the opposite today.” – NRA TV host Chuck Holton, speaking about Gillette’s new ad.