NORTH CAROLINA: House Candidate Mark Harris Trips Fire Alarm While Fleeing Reporters’ Questions [VIDEO]

Charlotte’s ABC affiliate reports:

After Republican 9th Congressional District candidate Mark Harris finished addressing Mecklenburg County Republicans at the Charlotte Mecklenburg Government Center Monday night, reporters, including Eyewitness News reporter Joe Bruno, tried to ask him questions.

Harris and a group of three or four other people used a fire exit to leave the Government Center. After Harris opened the door on the ground level, an alarm sounded. An unidentified man tried to block reporters from using the fire escape to follow Harris. When questioned if he worked for the city, the man allowed reporters to pursue the politician.

Reporters continued to volley questions at Harris after he exited through the fire escape, but he sprinted across East 3rd Street and into the parking lot of the First Baptist Church of Charlotte, where he used to be a pastor.

As you can see below, Harris laughably claims he was only running to catch the kickoff of last night’s college football championship. It’s what Jesus would want.

Should you have forgotten, prior to entering politics Harris led vicious anti-LGBT campaigns in his state after being recruited by the Family Research Council.

Last week Harris petitioned a state court to certify his US House election despite a still-growing election fraud investigation involving his paid staffers.