NBC News: That Private GoFundMe Border Wall Drive Is Likely Just A “Shadowy Email Harvesting Operation”

NBC News reports:

The GoFundMe fundraiser that promised to help privately fund President Donald Trump’s plan for a wall spanning the length of the U.S.-Mexico border surpassed $20 million dollars in donations this week. But the man behind it — Brian Kolfage, a rising conservative media star — may have had another goal.

Through his border-wall campaign, he claims to have gathered 3.5 million email addresses, which are essential to his broader operation — a wide-ranging and multi-pronged effort to collect a list of Trump supporters who have proven to be sources of donations for conservative efforts, former employees told NBC News.

Six days after the campaign was launched, it was edited to include a new call: “AFTER DONATING, SIGN OUR PETITION WE NEED 100 million signatures.” The text repeats four times at the top of the page before any description about the fundraiser itself.

You really should read the full report. The sales of large email lists of known donors to specific causes is a multi-million dollar industry.