Mitch McConnell: Blocking The Appointment Of Merrick Garland Is The Most Consequential Thing I’ve Ever Done

From McConnell’s interview with New York Times Magazine:

When I asked McConnell how he felt about his legacy and Trump’s being so closely linked, he rejected the premise. “I don’t think so,” he said. “I think the most consequential call I made was before President Trump came to office.” I asked what he meant. “The decision not to fill the Scalia vacancy,” he said. “I think that’s the most consequential thing I’ve ever done.”

But what about the judicial appointments? I asked. Surely those would be remembered as a partnership between him and Trump.

“Well, that’s fine,” McConnell said. “Because he’s done what I thought ought to be done.” Judges, regulations, taxes. “If Marco Rubio had been president, we’d have done it. If Jeb Bush had been president, we’d have done it. I say that not to take anything away from President Trump, but he took good advice on all three of those areas that are —” he slowed down for emphasis — “traditional. Republican. Positions.”