Mike Huckabee: The FBI Should Be Cleaned Out With A “Dyson Vacuum” For Investigating Trump/Russia Ties

“What scares me the most is, is if the FBI can decide on its own to go and investigate a duly-elected president of the United States and just decide to go after him because they want to. Guys, I’m going to tell you something, this is incredibly damaging to the way our constitutional republic is supposed to work, and for me, there was a bombshell, and it wasn’t that President Trump made a joke about Hillary’s 30,000 emails.

“What is a bombshell is that you have the highest law enforcement agency in the country that decides to go after, on a clandestine investigation, the president of the United States. Tell me, what do you think would be the reaction if the FBI had decided to investigate Barack Obama, Bill Clinton, or anybody else for that matter just because they had heard something based on rumor.

“This is really, really scary stuff if you stop and think about it. At some point, somebody’s got to take a good Dyson vacuum cleaner to go over to the FBI and just clean out the leadership, because there is something wrong at the top.” – Mike Huckabee, on Fox & Friends today.