Mike Huckabee: If Ann Coulter Thinks She Can Dictate Trump’s Policies She Should Just Run For Office Herself

The Daily Beast reports:

If Ann Coulter is going to dictate the policies of the Trump administration, then maybe she should just run for office herself. That was the—seemingly sarcastic—suggestion from former Republican governor and father of the White House press secretary, Mike Huckabee, during an appearance on Brian Kilmeade’s Fox News Radio show on Monday.

“Ann Coulter, if she’s got the way to get it done then let her run for office,” Huckabee replied. “She’s never done that. So she’s never had to be in the position of having to sit down and work through something to a solution. I have and the president’s in that position. And you’re not going to get everything you want.”

Today Coulter is retweeting the white supremacist group VDare, which is named for the first English child born in what would become the United States.