Jerry Falwell Jr: There Is Nothing That Trump Could Do That Would Cost Him His Support From Evangelicals

From Falwell’s Q&A with the Washington Post:

Q: You and other white evangelical leaders have strongly supported President Donald Trump. What about him exemplifies Christianity and earns him your support?

A: What earns him my support is his business acumen. Our country was so deep in debt and so mismanaged by career politicians that we needed someone who was not a career politician, but someone who’d been successful in business to run the country like a business. That’s the reason I supported him.

Q: Is there anything President Trump could do that would endanger that support from you or other evangelical leaders?

A: No.

Q: That’s the shortest answer we’ve had so far.

A: Only because I know that he only wants what’s best for this country, and I know anything he does, it may not be ideologically “conservative,” but it’s going to be what’s best for this country, and I can’t imagine him doing anything that’s not good for the country.

Falwell goes to say that he doesn’t care about Trump’s serial adultery, his countless lies, or his calls to violence. It’s what Jesus would want. (Tipped by JMG reader Scott)