FBI Agents Warn Shutdown Hampers Anti-Terror Work

Bloomberg reports:

The partial government shutdown is now damaging the FBI’s capacity to conduct investigations and other national security operations, the president of an association representing about 13,000 FBI special agents told reporters.

The FBI Agents Association is calling on Congress and Trump to immediately come to an agreement to fully fund the FBI and pay special agents during the shutdown, said its president, Tom O’Connor.

“FBI funding is a matter of national security,” O’Connor said. “The failure to fund the FBI is harmful to special agents and our operations. This is not about politics for special agents. For special agents, financial security is national security.”

From their letter:

On Friday, January 11, 2019, FBI Agents will not be paid due to the partial government shutdown, but we will continue our work protecting our nation. We urge our elected representatives to fund the Department of Justice and the FBI because financial security is a matter of national security.

The men and women of the FBI proudly serve this nation and are honored to protect our country and Constitution from all threats, foreign and domestic. We are confident that our leaders share this commitment to protecting our country and will find a path forward to fund the DOJ and the FBI.

As those on the frontlines in the fight against criminals and terrorists, we urge expediency before financial insecurity compromises national security.