Carlson: CNN Is Conspiring With Mueller Against Trump

“Of course CNN talked to Mueller’s people before the raid. There was never any doubt about that. All the barking aside, Mueller wanted the raid on Roger Stone’s home caught on tape and publicly aired, as a warning to other disobedient witnesses about what could happen if you step out of line. And CNN was happy to oblige. CNN acted as the public relations arm of the Mueller investigation, as they have before.

“And then they lied about it in the most self-righteous possible way and then sent those kids out on TV to lie so more. It answers a lot of questions. No wonder CNN seemed so eager to defend Friday’s raid and to belittle and attack and marginalize anyone who asked honest questions about it. The network is no longer covering Robert Mueller; they’re working with Robert Mueller. And you should know that as you watch it.” – Tucker Carlson, on last night’s show.