Bannon In New Documentary: I Hated Every Second In The White House But I Was “Doing The Lord’s Work”

USA Today reports:

A new documentary is here to catch you up on Steve Bannon’s whereabouts. “The Brink,” which premieres at Sundance Film Festival on Wednesday, gives a window into the alt-right advocate’s daily life since his White House ousting.

Within the film’s first 15 minutes, he admires the architectural achievements of Auschwitz concentration camp, and simultaneously denounces and defends his short-lived White House stint. “There’s no glamour to the job. I hated every second I was there,” Bannon says.

“The West Wing has bad karma to it. They say, ‘Because you were doing bad stuff!’ But I was doing the Lord’s work.” Curiously, he never throws Trump himself under the bus, even praising the president for teaching him that there is no such thing as “bad press.”