ARIZONA: Anti-LGBT Business Owners Are “Ready For Jail” If They Lose Appeal At State Supreme Court

Fox News reports:

The owners of a wedding invitation design business said Wednesday they’re prepared to go to jail if the Arizona Supreme Court rules against them in a case to determine if a city ordinance meant to protect LGBT couples from discrimination violates their free speech and religious rights.

In a radio exclusive with the “Todd Starnes Show,” Brush & Nib co-owners Joanna Duka and Breanna Koski and their attorney, Alliance Defending Freedom Senior Counsel Jonathan Scruggs, spoke about the opening arguments of their lawsuit against Phoenix.

The lawsuit alleges that Phoenix is violating the rights of Duka and Koski and their business under the Arizona Constitution and the Arizona Free Exercise of Religion Act by compelling them to create art they object to, and by stopping them from discussing their artistic and religious beliefs with others.

The pair preemptively sued to overturn Phoenix’s LGBT protections in 2016 before any LGBT person had even attempted to hire them.

Some, including myself, suspect that the company was created by the ADF specifically to challenge the ordinance as it appeared to have no web presence prior to the lawsuit. They currently have an Etsy shop despite that site’s ban on anti-LGBT discrimination.

In October 2017, they lost their appeal before the Maricopa County Superior Court and then lost again last year before a state appeals court. Below is their propaganda clip produced by the ADF.