Amazon Becomes World’s Most Valuable Company

CNBC reports:

Amazon is now the largest company by market value, overtaking Microsoft’s hold on the title. Amazon’s ended trading Monday with a market value of about $797 billion, compared with Microsoft’s $783 billion.

Apple, which had been part of a close three-way race for the seat, is now down to about $702 billion in market value after plunging last week on the news of its weak iPhone sales. Google parent company Alphabet has surpassed Apple with a market value of about $748 billion.

And in other Amazon news:

Amazon has come up with a new way for you to receive packages: leaving them inside your garage. Remember when Amazon wanted you to automatically unlock your front door for couriers to drop off deliveries?

Amazon Key boss Rohit Shrivastava admits to The Verge that the idea raised some “challenges” and “emotional concerns,” but the company is still trying to launch a successful delivery service that lets strangers into your house. Only Amazon sees your garage as a better place to do that now.

That’s why the new Amazon Key for Garage lets the company’s deliverymen open your garage door to deliver packages there instead. It works with all Amazon Prime deliveries, and you can both monitor your garage with a camera and get notifications when deliveries are made.