Alec Baldwin Pleads Guilty In Parking Space Scuffle

The New York Daily News reports:

Alec Baldwin won’t fight his latest legal woe. The perpetually-peeved actor agreed Wednesday to complete a one-day anger management program after copping a plea to charges in a Greenwich Village scuffle over a parking space. Baldwin appeared before Judge Herbert Moses in black thick-rimmed glasses, a dark purple scarf and a black blazer to plead guilty to harassment over his Nov. 2 confrontation. Moses asked the A-lister during a brief Manhattan Criminal Court appearance if he was “pleading guilty because you are in fact guilty.”  “Yes,” replied Baldwin.

At his first court appearance in November, Baldwin’s lawyer said “incontrovertible video evidence” had been provided to prosecutors that would exonerate his client. As you can see below, Hannity is already celebrating.