Air Traffic Controllers Sue Government Over Shutdown

Bloomberg reports:

The National Air Traffic Controllers Association has sued the federal government for forcing its members to work without pay during the government shutdown. It’s at least the third lawsuit filed by government workers since the shutdown began 21 days ago.

The air traffic controllers union is seeking a court order compelling the U.S. to account for all the wage and overtime pay to which its members are entitled and pay it. The lawsuit was filed Friday at a federal court in Washington.

The Hill reports:

The suit claims the government is in violation of the Fifth Amendment because it “unlawfully deprived NATCA members of their earned wages without due process,” according to a press release. The association is requesting a hearing on its motion for a temporary restraining order against the government.

The group also says the government is in violation of the Fair Labor Standards Act because it is not paying air traffic controllers at least minimum wage and because the Federal Aviation Administration did not pay them overtime during the shutdown.