VIRAL VIDEO: Glitter Bomb Vs Package Pirates

Engadget reports:

Because we live in a world where we can’t have nice things, package theft is a real problem, and in recent times unscrupulous individuals stealing parcels from porches have prompted police sting operations, as well as longer-term tech innovation, such as Amazon’s smart locks.

But neither of these things do a whole lot for theft victims longing for sweet, sweet revenge. Now, former NASA engineer Mark Rober has devised a frankly glorious solution that guarantees instant vengeance.

The Verge reports:

Despite his security cameras catching the thief red-handed, he was told by police that the crime wasn’t worth their time to investigate.

So Rober took matters into his own hands, engineering a package that would shower a future thief with glitter when opened.

The result is an over-engineered bait package that took six months to develop, and used motion sensors, a GPS tracker, and the combined wide-angle cameras of four mobile phones.

The clip has gotten 7M views in one day.