US Census Bureau To Offer Citizenship Data To State Officials In Charge Of Redrawing Voting Districts

Talking Points Memo reports:

In what could be a major change for voting rights and the distribution of political power between urban and rural areas, the Census Bureau signaled Friday that it is willing to work with state and local officials charged with drawing voting districts if they want citizenship data for the redistricting process.

The move to inject citizenship into redistricting has been feared since the Trump administration decided to add a citizenship question to the 2020 census. The addition of the citizenship to the census remains embroiled in litigation.

Hit the link for more and to see the federal registry notice from the Office of Budget and Management.

RELATED: The Supreme Court will hear the challenge to the citizenship question in February. As you may know, Commerce Sec. Wilbur Ross was busted lying about his role in pushing the question onto the Census Bureau.