Tumblr’s Ban On Adult Content Goes Into Effect

The BBC reports:

New rules about adult content on blogging site Tumblr, which have upset many of its users, have come into force. The site no longer allows such material but said existing posts that fell foul of its new policy would be hidden, not deleted.

It also tried to reassure users that Tumblr would remain a place for free expression.

However, in response to concerns about the accuracy of its software, Tumblr acknowledged it currently often wrongly blocked content because of poorly performing algorithms.

The Verge reports:

In a blog post that went up today, Tumblr apologized to users: “We are sorry that this has not been an easy transition and we know we can do a better job of explaining what we’re doing.” It said the change would be a slow process that involves “flagging tens of billions of GIFs, videos, and photos.”

Many users also criticized Tumblr’s decision to consider “female-presenting nipples” as explicit, while male-presenting nipples were still okay. Some pointed out that in the case of non-binary, genderfluid, or trans individuals, it would be confusing where the line would be drawn on whose nipples would be considered explicit.

Tumblr is owned by Verizon.