Tony Perkins: Taiwan’s Referendum Against Same-Sex Marriage Proves SCOTUS Was “Out Of The Mainstream”

Via press release from hate group leader Tony Perkins:

When Justice Anthony Kennedy became the deciding vote on same-sex marriage in America, he surprised a lot of people. Including, apparently, himself. Three years after the Supreme Court ruling that rocked the world, the retired justice sat down to talk about the Obergefell case — and how little the Constitution had to do with it.

For years, LGBT activists had insisted America was outside the mainstream. Now, after votes in the Caribbean, Bermuda, and Taiwan, it’s obvious that the only ones outside the mainstream were justices like Kennedy. So why, Bloomberg TV asked, did the Ronald Reagan appointee side with an agenda that runs so contrary to the Constitution, nature, and human tradition?

“[I surprised] myself,” he said to David Rubenstein, especially, he pointed out, because of his religious beliefs.” But “the nature of the injustice,” Kennedy insisted, “is you can’t see it in your own time.” “As I thought about this, and I thought about it more and more, it seemed wrong — unconstitutional — to say that over 100,000 adopted children could not have their parents married.”

As social science will tell you, Justice Kennedy has it all backwards. “The Court’s unprecedented redefinition of legal marriage harms the very children it was designed to protect,” Nancy Pearcey fired back in an American Thinker column, “and indeed, all children.” Although he said he tried to take everything into consideration, he obviously neglected the one thing that judges in his position are called to consult: the Constitution.

FACT CHECK: As I’ve reported, same-sex marriage is going to happen in Taiwan despite the referendum.  Same-sex marriage is currently back in effect in Bermuda. And notice how Perkins glaringly overlooks the landslide public votes for equal marriage in Australia and Ireland.