Tony Perkins: Send Money Now To “Undermine” Pelosi

From hate group leader Tony Perkins:

With so much on the line for faith, family, and freedom, we need you to stand with us today. FRC needs $3.1 million in December to keep your voice heard in Washington. D.C. and continue winning battles for the issues of faith, family, and freedom that you and I believe in. With only days to go before the month ends, many have thankfully responded!

Generous FRC partners have even stepped forward to provide a Matching Challenge Grant! So, your gift will be DOUBLED, dollar-for-dollar to help end 2018 strong as we prepare for even greater opportunities in 2019.

God’s favor has truly rested on FRC this past year. As a trusted voice to many within the Trump administration, FRC has now seen a second Supreme Court Justice confirmed under President Trump, major cases won at the high court, and a host of religious liberty policies set in motion.

But with Nancy Pelosi and her Democratic allies taking the majority in the House of Representatives in January, we will need the resources to work tirelessly to respond to and undermine the liberal agenda being developed right now.