Tony Perkins: “Reserve Judgment” On Brett Kavanaugh

Via press release from hate group leader Tony Perkins:

For a taxpayer-funded organization, Planned Parenthood has gotten away with a lot. So three years ago, when David Daleiden stumbled on the biggest scandal of the year — the group’s baby body parts ring — states thought they finally had the proof they needed to cut those Medicaid contracts. Eleven tried, only for some to end up in courts that couldn’t decide if they had that right. This week, the Supreme Court had a chance to settle the issue. It passed.

For pro-lifers, the news that the justices weren’t taking the case was a bit of a shock. After all, a majority of Americans don’t think abortion groups should get taxpayer dollars to begin with. Now, with Justice Brett Kavanaugh on the court, they can’t help but wonder: shouldn’t SCOTUS have at least heard the case? And if Kavanaugh sided with the more liberal members of the court this time, should we be worried about how he’ll vote in the future?

Pro-lifers had hoped that the justices would have used the case to strike at the heart of the issue — but the court has to be asked to decide that, and they weren’t here. As for Justice Kavanaugh, this is one decision in a very young Supreme Court career. He’s reserved judgment here, and until we see more of his work, we should too.

As I reported yesterday, multiple right wing figures are NOT reserving judgment, blasting Kavanaugh as a “fraud” for failing to defund Planned Parenthood.