TEXAS: Apple To Build Billion Dollar Austin Campus

NPR reports:

Apple plans to build a 133-acre campus in Austin, Texas, that will cost $1 billion and employ 5,000 new workers, the company announced Thursday. The company says the move is expected to make it the largest private employer in Austin.

Apple already employs more people in Austin, some 6,200 workers, than it does in any other city outside of its headquarters in Cupertino, Calif. The company now plans to add substantially to that figure.

Its current main site in Austin is an office park roughly 12 miles north of downtown. The new campus will also be in North Austin, less than a mile from the current facilities. And it will have room to grow to 15,000 workers, the company says.

In 2012 Apple signed a 10-year development deal with Texas which grants them a 100% property tax rebate.