Spacey’s Lawyers: Groping Incident Was Consensual

Lawyers for actor Kevin Spacey say the groping incident that has resulted in a felony sexual assault charge was actually a consensual encounter initiated by the young man.

Law & Crime reports:

They pointed to an investigators’ report where the alleged victim said the groping went on for approximately three minutes without the him moving away or telling Spacey to stop. Not only that, they pointed out that the alleged victim told investigators this.

The defense painted a picture not just of this being a consensual incident, but one that the alleged victim initiated.

They said the then-18-year-old lied about his age saying he was 23, that he approached Spacey, exchanged phone numbers with Spacey, that they smoked a cigarette together, and that the young man also drank between eight and ten alcoholic beverages in just over an hour.

There’s much more about the hearing at the link. Spacey is due to be arraigned on January 7th.