Scott Pruitt Used Private Email While Working For Trump

The Guardian reports:

Donald Trump’s first Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) administrator repeatedly violated agency policy to use personal email for government business, according to newly released public records. Scott Pruitt – who left the administration this summer after months of controversy over his spending, travel and ties with industry – used his private email account for work over a period of months, according to records recently made available to the Sierra Club.

Someone forwarded the emails to Pruitt’s government account on the day he resigned. EPA policy requires employees to do so within 20 days of any correspondence via personal accounts. Using personal rather than government email shields messages from public records requests and can put sensitive information at risk. Trump repeatedly criticized Hillary Clinton during the 2016 presidential campaign for using a private email account and server while she was secretary of state.

And there was this from earlier this week:

Scott Pruitt, who resigned this summer as the administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency amid a flurry of ethics inquiries, received $50,000 for his legal defense fund from a Wisconsin billionaire, according to a financial disclosure released Thursday.

The contribution came this year from Diane Hendricks, a businesswoman and major Republican donor, though it was not clear precisely when she donated to the “Scott Pruitt Legal Expenses Trust.” It also did not specify whether he had spent the money, or how.

“EPA ethics officials did not know of this contribution — believed to be in cash — until they received the termination report,” an agency comment noted. Under Office of Government Ethics rules, officials are required to indicate whether they have received contributions in the form of money or in kind.