Roger Stone Is Selling Autographed $8 Rocks: “David Made Good Use Of A Similar Artifact Against Goliath”

The Observer reports:

In his latest get-rich scheme, Roger Stone is now selling rocks emblazoned with his autograph to defray his Russia-related legal bills.

Unfortunately for the political operative, sellers of political memorabilia appraised his signature as worthless, and unlikely to collect any real value in the future.

“In historical terms, I suspect he will wind up as a minor footnote in history,” Steve Lori, co-founder of Lori Ferber Collectibles, told Observer. “I would be surprised if the values of these rocks were much greater in the future than they are right now.”

From Stone’s website:

Here’s your chance to own your very own “Roger” Stone paperweight- signed by the New York Times Bestselling author, legendary political operative and Trump intimate himself. LIMITED EDITION.

The perfect Christmas Gift for the Trump supporter, InfoWarrior or Stonetrooper. David made good use of a similar artifact against Goliath. Order yours today!