POLL: Democratic Voters Want “Someone Entirely New”

USA Today reports:

Asking voters their pick for president more than a year before the primaries begin typically doesn’t tell you much beyond name recognition. Instead of asking about support, a USA TODAY/Suffolk University Poll tested which Democratic candidates now seem intriguing to voters, and who turns them off, in an effort to get clues about the dynamic ahead.

Landing at the top of the list of 11 options was “someone entirely new” – perhaps a prospect not on the political radar screen yet. Nearly six in 10 of those surveyed – 59 percent – said they would be “excited” about a candidate like that; only 11 percent said they’d prefer that a new face not run. That said, close behind was Joe Biden, the opposite of someone entirely new.

NOTE: I only chose Beto’s photo to accompany this post because he’s the most “new” on the list below.