Patreon Bans Homocon “Hater” Milo After One Day

Oh no! How will he ever make up that $2 million debt?

Alt-right provocateur and former Breitbart editor Milo Yiannopoulos was kicked off the fundraising platform Patreon a day after setting up his page to help donate to what he said would be a “magnificent 2019 comeback.”

“I’ve had a miserable year or two, banned and de-platformed and censored and blacklisted … and now I need your help. I want to get back on my feet and come roaring back in 2019 with the fabulous comedy and insightful, serious commentary that made me famous in the first place,” Yiannopoulos wrote on his Patreon page.

“The past two years hasn’t been easy. I am one of the most censored and most lied-about people in the world. Even my fans sometimes believe things about me that aren’t true, because journalists lie more about me than perhaps anyone else in America. They can’t stand the idea of gay man who thinks for himself and says what he thinks,” he added.

Vox reports:

What this episode shows is that under the right circumstances, the controversial no-platforming tactics — which range from activists noisily disrupting speeches to big tech corporations banning provocateurs from their platforms — really can work.

There’s no evidence that Yiannopoulos’s no-platforming led to his ideas and personality gaining a kind of underground popularity, as some free speech advocates believe happens when speech is repressed. Instead, they simply went six feet under.

Part of his shtick was being ostentatious, flashing expensive jewelry and wearing absurd outfits. He was probably uniquely vulnerable to being cut off from the organized conservative movement and high-profile speaking engagements.