NRA TV Host: Liberal Media Coverage Of School Mass Shootings Is Leading To The “Wussification” Of America

“The American public can dictate, in some respects, what the media covers just simply by turning the channel when it’s something they don’t want to see. But in the end, when it comes to school shootings, you’ve got liberals inside the media that by and large hate guns. Every time they can publicize a school shooting, not only does it play into what the public wants to see as far as the sensationalism and the emotions, but then they can also encourage that war against gun ownership and the anti-gun climate that we’re seeing today all played out any time this happens. So it makes everybody scared. But it’s the wussification of America. It’s not just school shootings, it’s everything. Kids are afraid of everything today.” – NRA TV host Grant Stinchfield, on today’s show with Dana Loesch.