NORTH CAROLINA: Local Station Finds “Targeted Effort” To Illegally Collect Absentee Ballots In US House Race

Charlotte’s ABC affiliate reports:

Channel 9 was back in Bladen County, North Carolina Monday, tracking down people involved in the controversy surrounding mail-in-absentee ballots in the U.S. House District 9 election. The state refused to officially declare Republican Mark Harris the winner over Democrat Dan McCready, looking into potential wrongdoing in the election.

What Channel 9 found appears to be a targeted effort to illegally pick up ballots, in which even the person picking them up had no idea whether those ballots were even delivered to the elections board. Consistently, Channel 9 found the same people signing as witnesses for the people voting, which is very rare.

Eason said Leslie McCrae Dowless, Jr. paid her $75 to $100 a week to go around and pick up finished absentee ballots. Dowless is the Bladen County Soil and Water Conservation District Supervisor who appears to be at the center of the state.