NORTH CAROLINA: Dem Gov Vetoes Bill Requiring New Primary In US House Election Under Fraud Probe

Charlotte’s NPR affiliate reports:

Gov. Roy Cooper vetoed a bill that would’ve required a new primary election in the 9th District Friday, saying it would make it harder to root out corruption in elections and campaigns.

The elections bill, House Bill 1029, aimed to restore the governor’s control of the state elections board, an action Cooper was pleased by, but simultaneously sought to limit public knowledge regarding campaign finance investigations.

And in related news:

Voter ID will become law of the land after the North Carolina state House overrode on Wednesday Gov. Roy Cooper’s veto of legislation implementing a recently approved constitutional amendment on voter ID.

The override came a day after the Senate also overrode Coper’s veto, thus sending it to the House. Thirty-four other states have some form of voter ID law. North Carolina is the last state in the Southeast not to require some form of voter ID.