MICHIGAN: Lame Duck GOP Gov. Rick Snyder Makes It Harder For Activists To Put Proposals On Ballot

The Detroit Free Press reports:

Republican Gov. Rick Snyder on Friday signed a law making it harder for groups to put proposals on the Michigan ballot, imposing a geographical-based requirement that could prevent them from gathering signatures for petitions mainly from the most populated areas.

The move followed voters’ passage of three Democratic-backed proposals last month and Republicans’ unprecedented tactic — enacted by the term-limited governor two weeks ago — to weaken minimum wage and paid sick time laws that began as ballot initiatives. Legal challenges are expected.

The Hill reports:

The bill requires that no more than 15 percent of signatures required to get an initiative on the ballot come from any one of the state’s 14 congressional districts. Opponents of the bill say it will limit petition gatherers’ ability to gain signatures in densely populated urban districts because of gerrymandering.

Snyder leaves office in days.