Manafort’s Wife Faces Eviction From Florida Home

The Palm Beach Post reports:

Paul Manafort’s efforts to make sure his wife could continue living in the couple’s Palm Beach Gardens home should he go to prison fizzled after special counsel Robert Mueller III filed court papers last week asking a judge to throw out the deal because Manafort lied.

Also in the plea deal, Manafort agreed to forfeit his $22 million real estate portfolio. The 5,231-square-foot home in Ballen Isles — legally the couple’s homestead — was the only property in Manafort’s property holdings that prosecutors had agreed not to seize.

With that promise, Manafort went a step further to protect his wife’s interest and took his name off the deed on Oct. 30 — leaving her the sole owner of the homesteaded residence. But that move and the homestead exemption now may not be enough to keep prosecutors from seizing the home, experts say.

Examples of Ballen Isles homes can be seen here. (Tipped by JMG reader BK)