Judge Rules Jurors Can See Hitler Image Nazi Killer Texted To His Mother Before Deadly Drive Into Crowd

The Associated Press reports:

A judge is allowing jurors to see a text message including an image of Adolf Hitler that was sent by the man who drove into a crowd of counter protesters at a white nationalist rally in Virginia. News outlets report Judge Richard Moore ruled Tuesday that prosecutors can show the text James Alex Fields Jr. sent his mother days before the 2017 rally.

It was a response to his mother’s plea to be careful. Fields wrote “we’re not the one (sic) who need to be careful,” accompanied by Hitler’s image. Fields’ attorneys argued that the image would prejudice the jury. But the judge said it shows intent or motive of violence.

Jurors also heard two recorded phone calls to his mother from jail. News outlets reported that in one call, Fields said he had been mobbed “by a violent group of terrorists” at the rally. In another, Fields referred to the mother of the woman who was killed as a “communist” and “one of those anti-white supremacists.”

The prosecution has just rested their case. The defense plans to claim that Fields was in fear for his life when he drove into the crowd. Yeah.