Homocon Tammy Bruce On Fox & Friends: Don’t Shame Homophobes Just Because They’re Different [VIDEO]

“All of us have said something, when we were kids or even as adults, in the moment. And yet, there is this, in a weird way, this demand that you genuflect in front of the people with whom — whom you may have or maybe didn’t offend. It’s become dangerous. Look, the civil rights movement, all the civil rights movements, were about asking society to not punish us because we might not be understood sometimes, or because we’re different.

“Or because we offend or make people necessarily afraid because of different lifestyle choices, or because we look different, right. And yet, now we’ve gone into a stage where we’re turning back to that framework by the inheritors of the civil rights movement in trying to destroy us for sometimes making a mistake, using a word that’s not approved of, or because we frighten or offend people because of a different lifestyle choice. This has got to end.” – Fox News homocon Tammy Bruce.